UNA has been created for the new generation of millennials, fast-paced entrepreneurs and creative minds longing for a collaborative, urban hub that provides a hip environment for modern living. Creating communities in an environment that offers an interactive, engaging and invigorating space.

Dubai thrives on collaboration, creativity and innovation, making it one of the best cities to live in. UNA is a reflection of our thriving city and blends an entrepreneurial spirit with an urban setting. It features the most cutting-edge facilities catering to individuals and collaborative communities. Unique and convenient features are integrated throughout in order to mirror a natural environment for creativity

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State-of-the-art equipment to facilitate both, entertainment and professional needs in a relaxed setting that exemplifies modernity and innovation.

Step into a world that is as progressive as it is visual in nature. Enjoy a genuine sense of community, using shared spaces and facilities to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. Take advantage of an opportunity that lets you connect with like-minded people, living and working together in a creative-driven environment. Welcome to a re-defined world where you choose to live, work & play under one roof.

Styled with a mix of modern furnishing, crafted objects and contemporary pieces, we have created a personified, breathable atmosphere that facilitates the new generation. It’s all about bringing individuals together to create a community that collaborates and thinks outside the box. A space that lets you establish quality relationships while firmly embedding itself within its surroundings.

Make Long Lasting Friendships

 We believe that great things are achieved by working together, that driven and creative people need to be inspired by their surroundings and the people around them. Our work spaces are where ideas are born, deals are made, checklists are ticked and projects take flight.

Creating Connections

 UNA is not just another living space. We have designed spaces that favour exploration and cultivate interactions. By creating connections between people from different walks of life, UNA embraces differences and creates a sense of unity in the most diverse city that is occupied by creative and innovative minds from all over the globe.

Payment Plan
10% Booking
10% after 2 months
5% every 6 months
50% over 3 years after handover (2025)
Total Area(SFT)
Selling Price (AED)
450,000 to 550,000
Floor Plan
Total Area(SFT)
Selling Price (AED)
550,000 to 650,000
Floor Plan
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