Steps to become a successful Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Dubai is a great place to start your career in Real Estate. The market has been growing since a couple of years and continues to grow. Dubai Real Estate is at an all-time boom. The agents earn a substantial amount of income from closing deals. It is one of the most paid jobs in the U.A.E.

In order to be a successful real estate agent in Dubai, one must complete four requirements that are very essential. The essential steps required to be a Real Estate Agent are as follows:

  • Getting a Resident Visa
  • Getting a DREI certified training
  • Appearing for the RERA Exam
  • Getting a realtor license
real estate agents in dubai

1)Getting a Resident Visa

To be a successful real agent, one must get a resident visa. The people living in U.A.E and the Arab Nationals can easily sign up for the process of licensing.

For foreign nationals, they require a residency visa and without which they cannot sign up for the process of licensing. They can get a work visa from the employer or a sponsored visa from their spouse.

2)Getting a DREI Certified Training

The next step of becoming a good real estate agent is applying for a certified training in Dubai that is Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI). This training lasts for four days and its purpose is to provide all the required information about Dubai Real Estate.

The RERA or Real Estate Regulatory Agency will approve the training and is the regulatory part of the DLD or Dubai Land Department.

Many strategies are covered in the training that help one become a successful real estate agent and some of the modules include: History and Development, business of a broker, concepts, definitions and market players, leasing process and rental agreement, code of ethics, introduction to owner’s associations, legal module and essential skills.

3)Appearing for the RERA Exam

After completing the four days training, one has to appear for the RERA written exam.

The costs of the exam are AED 3200, and if one doesn’t hold a bachelor degree, then the exam fees can cost up to AED 6300.

The test is covered from the training which they have studied already.

4)Getting a Realtor License

Once, the test has been cleared, one will be in the process to get their realtor license so that they can easily work as a real estate agent in Dubai. Once the requirements have been met, the Economic Department will issue the Broker License and card, and one will receive the credentials within 2 days.

In conclusion, Dubai is a great place to become a real estate agent. The market is growing from a couple of years. The agents earn a substantial amount of income from closing deals. There are 4 essential steps that are required to be a real estate agent: Getting a resident visa, getting a DREI certified training, appearing for the RERA Exam and getting a Realtor License.