Why Dubai attracts Expats from around the world?

Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for expats in recent years. Dubai has about 80% of people as expats and the city continues to attract foreign nationals every year. Dubai is the most populous city in the U.A.E because people come to Dubai looking for change and adventure.

Dubai attracts immigrants for a variety of reasons. Employment is one of the most important reasons for expats to come to Dubai. Some just want a change and want to experience new things in the city. The city is cosmopolitan and is constantly improving, offering a more than a stimulating environment for its population. Being an Expat is a rewarding experience, no matter for what reason the expat has chosen Dubai.

Dubai has a zero-tax policy; therefore, it is also called a tax haven. There is no income or corporate tax, however, this is soon to change in the coming year or so. There are some indirect taxes, such as alcohol tax (30%), tolls, rental taxes, etc. VAT is 5% in Dubai.

Tax in dubai

The expat population in the U.A.E represents almost 88.5% of the total population, represented by 27.5% Indian, 12.7% Pakistani, followed by 7.4 % Bangladeshis and 5.6% Filipinos.

Religion is important to the people of Dubai. While the Muslim community is the largest, there are other communities as well, like the Sikhs, Christians, and Hindus. Each community has its own place of worship, which is not the case in the other emirates of the U.A.E.

The benefits of being an expat in Dubai:

Sunshine everyday

The climate in U.A.E is one of the biggest benefits of the country. With temperatures that are usually above 30°C, one is more likely to get sunburned than catch a cold. Shops and transport are equipped with air conditioning at all hours.

Job Market

It has fast-growing sectors such as high tech, luxury, tourism. Therefore, finding work in Dubai may not be as difficult. It is recommended to have a good level of education to gain the most sought-after positions. Fluency in English is very important, fluency in Arabic is a real plus point. It is certain that everyone can try their luck in Dubai.

Accommodation in Dubai

Finding accommodation in Dubai is generally easy. The real estate market offers many properties in residential areas. Rent prices vary from one area to other, but the average rent for central Dubai is AED 3,500. Moving to Dubai is not impossible but it carries a cost.

Amazing Culture

Dubai has managed to preserve its culture and identity. Daily life is punctuated by local traditions and Muslim Festivals, with Islam playing a big role in the lives of Dubai’s citizens. The locals are very welcoming. The food is also amazing with specialties such as harees and shawarma.sunshine everyday

In Conclusion, Dubai has become one of the most sought-after destinations for expats in recent years. Dubai attracts expats because of its Employment and Zero-tax policy. The benefits of being an expat in Dubai are Sunshine every day, the Job market, accommodation in Dubai, and Amazing Culture.